Imran's minister warns, 'Tanks or cannons will not work, now nuclear war will happen'

Oct 22 2019 11:16 AM
Imran's minister warns, 'Tanks or cannons will not work, now nuclear war will happen'

Islamabad: Pakistan's railway minister has once again threatened India of nuclear war. Answering a question in the press briefing, Sheikh Rashid said that, "I was involved in protest for 126 days, at that time the circumstances of the country and the border matters were not like this, it's serious threat now. To this country, this war is terrible. Maybe. These will not be the Conventional arm, which these blind people of wisdom (India) are understanding that for 4-6 days, tank-cannon will go on or air force attacks. Navy shells will go. "

Sheikh further said, "No way ... it will be an atomic war, a nuclear cum atomic war and will use the kind of reality that is required." Significantly, this is not the first time that Sheikh Rashid has made such a statement. Even before this, he has given statements against India regarding Kashmir. Last month, he said that the war of Kashmir will be fought, whether be will kill or get killed.

Apart from this, Sheikh Rashid has been in discussions due to his another absurd statement. Sheikh Rashid got a shock while giving a speech on the mic at a rally. Its video went viral in India too. Sheikh also gave an absurd statement about this. He said that he felt current, behind this is India's conspiracy. Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid received a shock during the speech, taking the name of PM Narendra Modi.

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