In a new video, Naseeruddin Shah sparks row again: "A wall of hatred being built in the name of religion"

In a new video, Naseeruddin Shah sparks row again:

New Delhi: Few Days after claiming he is “unsafe”, actor Naseeruddin Shah has once again appeared in news headlines. The actor has expressed a number of things about the condition of the nation in front a human rights organization. He spoke about the violence that is taking place in the name of religion and breaching of freedom of expression taking place in the nation.

He was speaking to Amnesty International. Shah can be seen in a video asserting  that a wall of hatred is being constructed in India, in the name of religion and people who raise their voice against the same are being punished.

In a 2.13 minute long video was recorded for Amnesty. It is an organization which is known to work for Human Rights. Shah  also said that people who have demanded Human Rights are being put in jail.

In the video message he asserted “Artists, celebrities, researchers and poets, everyone is being suppressed. Even journalists are being asked to keep quiet”.

He has also claimed that innocents are being killed and the country is filled with dangerous hatred.He further said that People who speak against the lie, their offices are being raided and  their licenses are cancelled and bank accounts are frozen, so that they are not able to speak the truth.


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