In China a Tesla Model Y rams into other vehicles killing 2
In China a Tesla Model Y rams into other vehicles killing 2

Beijing: Tesla's troubles in China, owned by Elon Musk, do not seem to be ending soon. A black Model Y was involved in an accident in Taizhou, Zhejiang province on Monday. There are two deaths confirmed by police 

The crash occurred just two weeks after a Model 3 incident in the city of Chaozhou, which also resulted in deaths.

One of the leading advocates of autonomous driving technology is Tesla. But recently, its vehicles have come under scrutiny for possible flaws that could have caused accidents.

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Although the brand's vehicles are capable of operating independently, motorists are urged to always drive with caution.
In the Taizhou incident, Tesla promised to work with the authorities and give them all the information they needed.

CCTV footage shows that the errant Model Y drove through an intersection where the traffic light was still red.

It hit two other vehicles without stopping, which then hit pedestrians. One of the cars was crumpled, and the front of the Tesla was damaged. Three others were injured, and two people died. The driver of the Tesla was taken into custody.

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Tesla vehicles come with a plethora of sensors to support autonomous driving technology. However, the system can go wrong and accidents can result.

Officials are still unsure as to what caused the Model Y crash or who was responsible for it. Investigation work is going on.
The incident will undoubtedly derail the brand's ambitions for fully autonomous driving on public roads.

A Tesla Model 3 lost control and rammed into two bikes in the Chinese city of Chaozhou in Guangdong province. Three others received injuries, while two people died.

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Meanwhile, a South Korean lawyer was killed in a Model X crash in December 2020. The driver, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter, claimed the car spun out of control on its own after the brakes failed.

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