In Conversation with Misha Arora: How to be take control of your health and wellbeing

With National Nutrition Week coming up, now is the perfect time to take a moment and think about our health and lifestyle choices. 

We might think we know what's best for us, or that we are already making healthy choices, but most of our knowledge comes from societal myths and marketing. 

In such situations, the best thing to do is to seek the opinion of an expert. To bring to our readers the best health and wellness advice, we would like to introduce Misha Arora. 

Misha Arora is a well-experienced nutritionist from the town of Kota in Rajasthan. She enjoys reading and cooking but her heart lies in the world of health and fitness. 

Misha's days are spent training people from India and abroad. She also has a YouTube channel where she connects with more health enthusiasts. 

When she started her journey as a professional nutritionist, she encountered the regular problems of starting a new journey. She took over the challenge of finding new clients. While this challenge was hectic, her work spoke for itself and her popularity grew. 

Now she has clients coming her way from all over the world. 

Misha shared with us an insight into her journey, "I think my biggest achievement is the way I fought with my depression and came out of it on my own. I was overweight in my teenage years and I still remember how I was bullied for it. how my classmates used to taunt me, call me "moti", "aunty" etc. I always used to blame myself, and ask why is all this happening. But you know, answers don't drop from above. I decided I needed to take control in my hand and decided to lose weight. I had to do something for myself. Losing weight was not easy for me, as I was suffering from PCOS and Thyroid at the age of 20. My mother was worried every time we visited a Gynae. But eventually, I did lose weight, I did become confident and now I want to help other girls who are in a similar situation.". 
"Anytime I talk to someone about their health and lifestyle, I always tell them to remember that there is always scope for improvement. Whatever they want to do, they should do it with passion. Always be true to yourself, love and respect yourself and whatever commitment you make to yourself don't break it.”

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