Guwahati: Elevator carrying people falls, injures 10
Guwahati: Elevator carrying people falls, injures 10

In a tragic incident in Guwahati, Assam, a multi - storey building's elevator suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground, killing numerous individuals on board. An elevator at Chatribari's G.S Towers fell down on Thursday, March 3rd, triggering the incident. The elevator from the building's second storey fell to the ground.

When the elevator collapsed, several people were inside, according to reports. The event is thought to have occurred as a result of a technical malfunction. The left, on the other hand, was said to have been overloaded at the time of the collapse. There were ten people on board, rather than the limit of six that a lift can carry.

According to sources, the people inside the elevator at the time of the horrible tragedy include children. Following the unforeseen disaster, all ten people moving in the elevator were injured, but no one was killed. Footballers who used to train on the top level of the same commercial building as G.S Towers are among the injured, according to locals. The building is said to house Guwahati's first Rooftop Football Coaching Centre. Meanwhile, concerned officials are informed, and rescue efforts are being made, with the trapped individuals being brought outside.

The injured have been taken to the hospital, and an investigation into the incident's cause has started. The management is reportedly utilising the space in an unsuitable manner for operating a football coaching centre, according to the inhabitants of the area. They further alleged that the management body had been operating such a vital tourist attraction without proper precautionary measures. The building authority, on the other hand, has yet to issue an official statement on the incident.

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