In Love, misunderstandings can knock your door Gemini…known what is your lucky colour for Today

Feb 08 2019 08:56 AM
In Love, misunderstandings can knock your door Gemini…known what is your lucky colour for Today

Here a New day with a new beginning, new hope and expectations. We all have a curiosity to know our daily horoscope that it what have kept for us. So let's have a look at our daily horoscope today. With special reference to promise day.

ARIES :  your sweet, and non-predictable behavior is going to confuse people who don¬'t know you. Hence, if you keep moving with a fickle face, you might lose your true love. Start afresh if you are committed and enjoy this love month while you pamper your partner. Money and financial matters will run smoothly. Lucky colour for this month is Light blue and mustard.

TAURUS: your ambitious and sensual nature will develop new connections this month. People born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus, usually are choosy about friends, but this day you'll only find like-minded people to connect. Since you have an eye for beauty, creative career options will flow as opportunities. Plan a surprise for your partner and show them how much you love them.

GEMINI: Misunderstandings can knock your door Gemini. Love warning already strikes with the this day. This day stay sober and express your emotions. Health stays fit in this month. Career growth is expected while your previous projects will result in good wealth. Financial and other money matters need an eye every week, you can try investing in a suitable property or some mutual funds as per your knowledge.

CANCER: this day of love will serve you with romantic feelings for the whole month, actively post valentines. So enjoy Cancer! You'll surely go active in the financial matters, and smooth career is predicted. Lucky colours for the day are deep red and light orange. Travel is predicted in the foreign land. Please focus on your health, as this is of significant concern and should be kept on priority.

LEO : your urge to win the batter and never give up attitude will help you grasp the opportunities in this day. You are the known leader Leo, show this leadership in your relationship and take the lead this day while you shower love on your partner. Try and be a little less dominating for once, and you'll watch how easy can people be. Your aura is high, hence, people at work will be impressed with you.

VIRGO: the Mercury in your zone will provide you with infinite love and other surprises. Make sure anything that you know won't matter in the next five years don't stress over it more than five minutes. It's just the a day Virgo, don't take all the workload on your head. Lucky colours for the day are coral and wine. Prioritize your health and show interest in family matters.

LIBRA : you need to catch up on certain things. There must be issues between you and your partner that should be resolved at the earliest, else higher chance of miscommunication can ruin your day. Focus on your finances, as this demands attention. Health is of no concern as you know being fit is not an option but a necessity. So, good luck Libra!

SCORPIO:  this day go with the flow, honey! The Pluto in your zone goes naughty. Lucky colours for the month are sea green and crimson blue. Your trustworthy attitude will help you in your career path shortly, but make sure nobody makes a fool out of you. This day is considered as the most inspirational month, make optimum use of it. Cheers Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS:  you are going to suffer a little Sagittarius! Prioritize your relationships as sun and moon in your sign stays weak for this day. Lucky colours for the day are maroon and grey. Since you are one of the biggest travellers among all zodiac signs, foreign travel is on your cards. Health is not an issue, but wake up early and don't work late at night. This will brighten your career stars automatically.

CAPRICORN: financial growth is on the cards, and pending money matters will be solved gradually. Well, the day demands your attention Capricorn. Come out of your shell and let go the past. You never know if you find someone better soon! All colours of the Red and Yellow family are lucky for you for this month. This day  will surprise you at the end concerning career growth. Good luck honey!

AQUARIUS : You might not get satisfied this day, but need not get disheartened. Look at the bigger picture; you can treat yourself and socialize more, exploring new ideas which can benefit your career path. As far as health is concerned, you should take care of it. Financial and money matters have a good pace this month. If you are married, don't show love with materialistic gifts, but genuine emotions.

PISCES: your long-awaited wish will be granted this day dear Pisces! Your crush is around the corner . So? What are you waiting for, hit the road of romance and go on! Positive vibes go across your economic zone, so there is a big win in the financial aspect. Break the monotonous rules, socialize more and build new contacts. This can act as a plus point in your career zone.

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