In monsoon, Rajasthan also gets greener, these things are special to watch here

The land of Rajasthan is called the land of heroes because the history is famous for its sacrifice. While some people know that there's nothing special, if you think so, today we're going to tell you something special. If you want to go to Rajasthan, you must visit these places. The scenery and natural scenery make you feel like a paradise and enjoy a walk.

Aravalli Hills
If you want to see greenery in Rajasthan, go to the Aravalli Hills. The place is very popular among nature lovers and wildlife photographers. During the monsoon, the entire region looks like a green square. Many rare and endangered species of plants, animals, butterflies and birds are found here.

less crowded
During the monsoon season, the congestion in Rajasthan is also very low. In Rajasthan, only local people visit Rajasthan during the monsoon and offbeat tourists also visit. If you want to visit a place where congestion is low, you should visit Rajasthan this monsoon.

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Water-filled lakes
Famous for its heat and humid conditions, the state has many lakes that are flooded with water throughout the year. But during the monsoon season, the amount of water in these lakes increases. Monsoon rains cause water to flow into lakes and ponds and a new look in Rajasthan.

Registan becomes cold
The beauty of the Great Indian Desert Thar Desert adds to the monsoon season. In the summer of Rajasthan, you cannot visit the registan, but the monsoon is likely to be fulfilled. In Rajasthan, you will get many raunthsome gifts of nature during the monsoon. Walking in the cold weather of the sandy restaurant will give you a different experience. The beauty of the Great Indian Dessert during the monsoon feels like a square.

Taking photos in royal palaces
The beauty of Rajasthan is incomplete without magnificent forts and royal palaces. Whenever Rajasthan is mentioned, the name of its forts and palaces is definitely known. The palaces and forts are the most visited places of the state. The beauty of the forts and palaces increases greatly during the monsoon season. The City Palace of Udaipur gives a beautiful view of lake Pichola. It is also surrounded by mountains.

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