Amidst rituals, bride refused to get married, family threw groom on road and...
Amidst rituals, bride refused to get married, family threw groom on road and...

Rewa: A shocking incident has come to light from Rewa of MP. Where the girl's people beat up the baraatis a lot. Picking up from the pavilion, the groom was also thrown in the middle of the road. The bride told that the groom's mental condition was bad. Due to this, she refused to marry. The video of the groom dragging is becoming fiercely viral on social media. It is being said that this dispute started with the throwing of Batashe. Slowly the quarrel escalated so much that fighting started between both sides.

According to the same custom, some persons who came to the procession at the time of the gate were throwing batashes on the women of the bride's side. It is alleged that these processions targeted women and beat them. On this, the people of the bride's side expressed their objection, but at that time somehow this quarrel was pacified. It is being told that some people involved in the procession were touching the bride at the time of Jaimala. Seeing this, the people on the girl's side took out sticks and took hostage and other processions including the groom and started beating.

The same ASP Shiv Kumar said that during the wedding rituals, there was a fight on the bride and groom's side. The boy's father had accused him of taking hostage. On the other hand, the girl's side told that the mental condition of the boy with whom her marriage was going to be concluded is not good. The groom was behaving strangely at the time of Jaimala. These people were marrying him by hiding his mental state. As soon as the news was received, the police reached the spot and pacified the dispute by agreeing. The bride had refused the marriage and the procession returned without taking the bride.

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