Amidst war, this loving couple got married in bomb shelter

Moscow: Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the eyes of the world are on Putin's next move and the courage of Zelenskyy to stand firm in the war. If there is war, then the photos coming from the war are also scary, but among these photos, there are also some pictures that are doing the work of giving courage, saying love zindabad. Amidst the stories of war being written throughout the day and the news of the war-ravaged area, there is also a photo of lovers who are holding each other tightly in this war environment. During the war, a photo of a newly married Ukrainian couple was seen in which both of them are dressed to protect their city. And in Kyiv, they are seen posing with a marriage certificate. It's not just a photo that's writing the story of love in the middle of the war. There are so many such pictures.

At the same time, on Thursday, it was also heard that marriage was registered at a bomb shelter in Awangard near Odesa, Ukraine. These photos are saying that even in times of difficulties, love is the one that will support those who save the world,  although this war has become so great that Russia vs. The West. On one side, Putin is standing alone... But such countries of the world have also stood up to push back Putin's army from Ukraine, which if they come into action, the whole photos of the battlefield will change.

By targeting Ukraine, Putin has simultaneously challenged NATO countries to war. Ukraine is supported by many countries in the world, including US President Joe Biden, British PM Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron. Instead of bowing down in front of all this, Putin is seen ready to bow down everyone.

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