In this way, strengthen the immunity of children, know ayurvedic remedies

The cases of Omicron are increasing rapidly in the country. Let us tell you that after the arrival of more than 27 thousand corona cases across the country in the last 24 hours, now the fear of third wave of Kovid has arisen. Not only this, but experts also say that Omicron or other variants can show many times more effect on people who have not got the corona vaccine. In the midst of all this, children are now getting the vaccine. On the other hand, experts of Ayurveda say that if ayurvedic measures are adopted to increase the precaution and immunity, then the risk of any infection can be greatly reduced. Yes, the Director of All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), Dr. Tanuja says, 'Ayurveda measures do not claim to prevent corona or any variants, but these measures definitely strengthen the immunity, which does the effect of any infection.' Let us tell you that at this time it is being seen in India that the Omicron variant is spreading very fast.

Yes, it is infecting thousands of people simultaneously. In such a situation, those people in India who have not taken the vaccine or all the children who have not had the Kovid vaccination, they need to be careful. Let us tell you that in Ayurveda, Covid Dainandini has been created for the treatment of corona. At the same time, there is ayurvedic practice according to Covid. In such a situation, if it is also followed properly daily, then it can help in avoiding any infection. Doctor. Nesari says that the studies so far show that the spread in Omicron is high but the severity is low and this is also due to the vaccine because it is definitely infecting the vaccinated people, although it is not able to seriously harm.

Due to this, taking care of children becomes very important. In such a situation, children can be kept safe from infection by wearing masks, keeping them in social distancing, as well as using some Ayurvedic measures. Doctor. According to Tanuja, it is necessary to give Chyawanprash daily to the children. At this time there is also winter season, in such a situation giving Chyawanprash with milk will be very beneficial. Along with this, also give turmeric milk. In this, raw turmeric can be given by boiling it in milk or by mixing ground turmeric in milk. Along with this, keep the food of children fresh and balanced, for example, along with giving fresh fruits, vegetables, keep them away from junk food or fast food etc. With this, keep the quantity of water better and give juice. On the other hand, if the child has a cold, cough or cold, then immediately Ayurvedic medicines like Sitopaladi Churna or Haridra Khand mixed with honey can be given. Drakshasav etc. can be given. Along with this, a doctor can be consulted. On the other hand, if children drink, then a decoction made from medicines like Giloy, Tulsi, liquorice, cinnamon, dry grapes etc. can also be taken.

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