In this way, you will get relief from joint pain

Joint pain is common due to ageing but many people face the trouble of living pain in the joints before age. Due to which they are also very difficult and use a variety of medicines to get rid of the pain, but the effect of the medicine lasts for a short time. If you are also suffering from joint pain, you don't have to worry anymore, because today we're going to tell you about a special home remedy that can help you get rid of joint pain forever.

For this, first put the lemon peel in a glass jar and then add a little olive oil to it and leave it on for two weeks after closing the glass jar thoroughly. Your mixture is ready after two weeks.

Now put a little of this mixture in any silk cloth and apply it on the affected area and cover it with bandages and let it do your job all night. You will be able to get rid of joint pain within a few days through this recipe.

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