Include these Super Foods in your diet to stay healthy

All people opt to yoga, workout and exercise to stay healthy, but it is not enough to stay healthy. It is also very important to have good food for good health. To stay free from diseases, body needs all kinds of nutrients and your requirement can be met with good diet and healthy food. Today, we are going to tell you about some superfoods after eating that you can always be healthy.

1. If you want to be healthy always include whole grains in your diet. Whole grains contain abundant fiber, minerals, vitamins, calcium and proteins. By consuming them, the body gets energy and the weight is also in control.

2. Green vegetables are very beneficial for health. Green vegetables contain plenty of potassium, vitamins and fibers. Giving green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, bitter gourd etc, the body gets plenty of nutrition.

3. To stay healthy always then fruits must be consumed daily. If you do not want to consume the fruit, then a glass of fruit juice is good. Fruits contain plenty of vitamins, calcium and fiber. Diabetes protect against cancer and heart diseases.

4. You can always stay healthy even by taking a daily walnut. Walnuts provide energy from the body and also protects against dangerous diseases such as cancer. Apart from this, eating nut is also strenthens metabolism and immune system.

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