PM Modi LIVE from Red Fort, says need to eradicate the disease of corruption

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Modi is addressing the nation on the 73rd independence anniversary of the country, addressing the country from the Red Fort, where Prime Minister Modi declared that the world considers India as a market, though we have to be prepared for the world now. Every district has a goodness that must be propagated in the world. It is also important to deliver the country's product to the global market.

Today the country's thinking has changed...

In the meantime, PM Modi said that the country's mindset has changed today, every person who demanded a bus station today asking when the airport is coming. Earlier, there was a demand for a paved road in the village and today people are asking whether the road will be four lanes or 6 lanes. Modi said the mood of the country is changing.

The need to remove the disease of corruption...

"We are marching towards 75 years of Independence. A change in the system is necessary and must be free from corruption. We have discharged the hurdles that were taking place in our mission. The PM further said in his speech that nepotism in the country is like a termite, it is necessary to cure the disease.

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