India and its False sense of Brotherhood: The Udaipur Horror

Marked by rising hate crimes, and a false sense of brotherhood, India, a country that is supposed to protect the basic fundamental rights, namely, freedom of speech and expression, of its people is on a path to darkness in the false belief of ‘Brotherhood’. 

India is more divided now than it has ever been, the country is torn between communal hatred and low self esteems. With curfew and Section-144 being imposed every other day in one or other part of the country. Reason? We all know that, but no one would dare to speak because it might turn into the horror, a common person, Kanhaiya Lal, a mere tailor, went through. 

If someone does dare to speak, it will be yet another breaking news, and yet another Section-144, no one knows where exactly it ends, by someone dying? The answer is no, because ‘united we stand’ is a phase learned only to spread hatred and violence and not for the victims and to defend them. 

Where is the justice our constitution promises us? Is ‘secular’ and ‘free’ just terms, that can be said but not practiced? So many questions but the government will continue its silence, there will be more political fights with all of them putting the blame on one another and there will be another Kanhaiya Lal, or another Kashmir Files, and even more victims. 

While the government is busy finding a ‘scapegoat’ someone to blame, the threat to the lives of the commoners, who just want to say what they feel, increases. 

A common man is scared just because of their religion and their faith, there were many who ‘protested’ and many countries united just because of ‘remark’, where are those countries now, and who is to take the blame? Because that’s what we are all looking for, not to make the change, even though change is not an option anymore. 

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