'Beheading is taught in madrasas..,' says Mohammad Arif Khan on Udaipur's gruesome incident

Jaipur: There has been an atmosphere of grief and anger across the country since the brutal killing of tailor Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Political parties across the country have expressed concern over the incident and strongly condemned it. Meanwhile, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has also reacted. He has blamed the education of madrasas for this. Mohammad Arif Khan said that similar things are taught in madrasas that such people got ready. He further said "We are worried when the symptoms come out, but we refuse to understand the deep illness.''


The Governor of Kerala said, "In madrasas, children are taught that the punishment for blasphemy is to behead. It is taught as the law of God. What is taught there? There has to be an inquiry into this.'' Arif Khan said that the kind of incident that has taken place cannot be the teaching of Islam. He said that it needs to be considered whether there is a need to teach children in madrasas or not. He further said that primary education is compulsory in the country and in such a situation, instead of teaching children in madrasas, they should be sent to school.

Arif Khan said that the age of childhood is raw and children should not be given this kind of hardcore education during that period. He said that the incident in Udaipur is going to shake the human being inside. He said that this incident is a reminder that communalism destroys even the last particle of good from human beings. It again warns that the biggest challenge facing the country is the escalation of communal extremism. "This is the time when we have to fight communalism. The Governor said that the answer to one communalism cannot be communalism on the other side.  

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