Entry closed in villages in fear of Corona

In India, a guest is considered a god. Every Indian strongly welcomes the guest in his house. Those who used to have happiness doubled, now they are starting to show. Feelings are silent, helpless as it is also to defeat Corona. If there is fear, we also hope that we will celebrate the happiness of victory. Although quarantine can also be done at home, only a little caution and instructions have to be followed, but there is panic over the understanding.

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In Gorakhpur, we tried to know the ground reality, where a large number of people from outside continue to come. The parents, wife, brothers and sisters, who used to wait, are now starting to beg the same family. However, it is also fine as a reflex. Doctors have advised people coming from outside to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Awareness has increased among the people of the village towards this. In any case, he does not want to let the infection grow. But this aspect which shakes human sensibilities can also not be ignored.

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The health department, including the administration, has also made it clear that there is a separate room at people's home, then those coming from outside can quarantine themselves. The district administration is continuously conducting awareness campaigns in the villages. Quarantine centres have been built outside the villages.

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