India Emerges as Global Advocate for Environmental Issues: Minister Bhupendra Yadav
India Emerges as Global Advocate for Environmental Issues: Minister Bhupendra Yadav

New Delhi: Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav, recently returned from the CoP28 Summit in Dubai, underscored India’s crucial role in advocating for the concerns of developing nations on environmental issues. He highlighted India’s global influence under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pointing to the acceptance of the ‘Green Growth’ concept proposed during the G20 Summit held in Delhi.

Addressing a press conference, Minister Bhupendra Yadav expressed pride in India’s expanding influence on the world stage. Bhupendra Yadav stated, “India has become the voice of developing nations in terms of environmental concerns. The concept of ‘Green Growth’ proposed under the Delhi Declaration during the G20 Summit has been accepted by the world.”

He added, “Under the leadership of PM Modi, India’s stature has risen globally. We are not just another developing nation. With Chandrayaan, we have shown the world our capabilities. We have demonstrated that with a minimum budget, we can reach the moon.” Bhupendra Yadav highlighted India’s economic growth, noting that the country is growing at 6.3 per cent, surpassing other major economies.

Comparing growth rates, he stated, “In the US, it’s 2.1 per cent, in China 4.1 per cent, and similar others are not there in comparison with India. India has become a potential market for the world.” Addressing India’s economic trajectory, Bhupendra Yadav mentioned, “We are on our way to becoming the third-biggest economy under the leadership of PM Modi. India is the growing hub of unicorns.” During the CoP28 Summit, India actively contributed to discussions on environmental sustainability, aligning with the global commitment to address climate change.

Minister Bhupendra Yadav reiterated India’s dedication to green initiatives and emphasised the country’s role in shaping the narrative on environmental responsibility. The Minister’s remarks reflect India’s multidimensional progress, from economic growth to space exploration, positioning the nation as a key player in global affairs.

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