India in top 10 countries that got most spam calls, Truecaller

Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls in 2020 list is out by the Truecaller. Truecaller is out with its latest ‘Insights Report’ and as everyone expects India exists in the list. Truecaller has released the breakdown has also been given based on the states calls from domestic numbers and more. 

Truecaller says ‘there has been a significant shift in the ranking of countries that received the most spam calls.’ India has dropped down to 9th position in terms of number of spam calls received by users globally whereas Brazil stay on top. The spam calls received by Indian users dropped by 34% which resulted in drop of India's position. The report further adds 98.5% of all spam calls in India came from domestic numbers. This might be a major reason why spam calls have been decreasing in India, the firm states that strict curfews implemented in the country earlier this year also made it impossible for telemarketers to go and work. The restrictions prevented them from using the equipment they need to carry out large scale spam campaigns. 

Of the spam calls received, 52% by operators for upselling of various offers and reminders, 34% by Telemarketers, ‘Scam’ and ‘Financial Services’ contribute 9 and 5 percent respectively. In state segregation, Gujarat tops with 13.5% followed by Maharashtra – 13.2%, Andhra Pradesh – 9.5%, Uttar Pradesh – 9.5%, Delhi – 7.5%, Karnataka – 7.1%, Madhya Pradesh – 6.3%, Rajasthan – 5.9%, Tamil Nadu – 5.2%, Bihar – 4.4%, Kerala – 4.4%, Punjab – 3.6%, Haryana – 2.5%, Kolkata – 2%, Orissa – 1.9%, West Bengal – 1.7%, Assam – 0.8%, Himachal Pradesh – 0.6% and Jammu Kashmir – 0.4%. 

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