India is preparing to build India space, these are the advantage

Jun 14 2019 11:24 AM
India is preparing to build India space, these are the advantage

At present India continues to grow. In this episode, ISRO chief K Sivan has said that India is planning to launch its own space station. This important project will be an extension of the Gaganyaan mission. Sivan explained, We have to maintain the Gaganyaan programme after the launch of the human space mission. In this perspective, the space station is being planning India on its own.

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Earlier this week, Sivan spoke about India's second mission to the moon, Chandrayaan 2. Chandrayaan 2 can be launched on July 15. Because the Indian space Agency is ready for its most complex mission, landing on the moon near South Pole (which is hitherto uncharted territory) may be on 6 or 7 September.

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According to media reports, the GSLV MK-III vehicle from the spaceport of Psriharikota will be launched at 2:51am IST. Earlier, ISRO had placed the launch window between July 9 and July 16. The 3.8-tonne spacecraft has three modules-orbitals, Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan). The orbiter will have 8 payloads, 3 Lander and 2 Rovers. In case of satellite, Chandrayaan 2 mission costs Rs 603 crore. GSLV MK III is priced at Rs 375 crore. According to ISRO, the scientist will be circling around the moon with the Pelades. The lander will land on a previously scheduled site and deploy the rover. These will study the surface of the moon.




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