India will no longer import power equipment from Pakistan and China

Jul 03 2020 07:36 PM
India will no longer import power equipment from Pakistan and China

On the border of India and China, a situation of tension had arisen in the past. Which has caused the most damage to China. Government of India is now besieging China on an economic cost. The Indian government has decided not to import power equipment from China. Not only China but also from Pakistan, India will not buy any power equipment. Power Minister RK Singh has announced this on Friday.

In the press talk, RK Singh said that the equipment from China and Pakistan will not be allowed specifically on the basis of inspection. He further said that companies should not order the equipment from Chinese companies. Chairing the conference of energy ministers of the states on Friday morning, he said, 'We produce everything in our country. India imports electrical equipment worth Rs 71,000 crore, of which 21,000 crore equipment comes from China.

In his statement, he further said, 'We will not allow imports from China and Pakistan. Those devices may contain malware, which they can activate remotely to harm our power system. 'Earlier on Monday evening, the Indian government announced the ban of 59 Chinese apps. Government of India had issued an order to ban all these apps keeping in mind the unity, defence and security of the states. The banned apps include TikTok short video making app, as well as many popular Chinese apps including DU Recorder, Likee, Halo, Vigo Video.

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