Indian Air Force sacks 3 officers in missile firing case
Indian Air Force sacks 3 officers in missile firing case

NEW DELHI: The Indian Air Force  Court of Inquiry into the accidental firing of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in March, which landed in Pakistan, seen that deviation from Standard Operating Procedures by 3 officers led to the incident. Services of the officers have been terminated right away, the The Indian Air Force  said on Tuesday.
On March 9, 2022, a BrahMos missile was unintentionally launched. The Indian Air Force   said in a statement that a CoI established the facts of the matter and determined who was responsible for the occurrence after three officers were found to have violated the SOP. "The incident has mostly been held against these three officers. The Central Government has with immediate effect terminated their services. The officials received termination notices on August 23, 2022.

After the missile touched down 124 kilometres inside Pakistan, the IAF asked a CoI led by an Air Vice Marshal, a two-star officer, to look into the incident. A day after the event, the Pakistani military said that a supersonic surface-to-surface missile that was launched at 40,000 feet and travelling at three times the speed of sound ended up 124 kilometres inside Pakistan, where it caused damage to some civilian property.

There are several checks and balances built into the sophisticated missile system, according to officials with knowledge of the system, who also ruled out the chance of a technological flaw. Before the countdown may begin, there are a number of software locks that are authorised at different levels, followed by two manual keys.

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