Indian can visit these 5 beautiful countries without any Visa

If you love to travel in foreign countries but hate visa formality and documentation then this article is very useful for you as here is the list of top 5 places you can visit there without even a visa, making your journey simple and hassle-free. Have a look at 5 places Indian can visit without Visa.

Mauritius: It is one of the most beautiful countries where Indians can travel without a visa. Here you can visit the beaches, reefs, and lagoons or sample the local cuisine. You can see the various shades of the craggy volcanic surface there. Another significant landmark is the world-famous sugar museum L'Aventure Du Sucre, which has its own sugarcane plants.

Thailand: Indian nationals are granted a 15-day visa upon arrival in Thailand.It is one of the countries that Indian nationals can visit with an on-arrival visa, it should be high on your list of locations to visit. Thailand is a gorgeous home of white elephants. You may visit the monasteries, temples, beaches, and flea markets anytime you want now that you aren't waiting for a visa.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: You can spend up to 30 days in this place without and visa and explore this stunning island nation. If sailing is your thing, you will adore this location. You can also reserve a vacation on one of the lovely private islands that are nearby. It is more of a luxurious getaway, and it might be the big trip you've been looking forward to.

 Maldives: Best place to travel for Indians is the Maldives.  In the Maldives, there are a variety of attractions to see, so you may choose to explore them all or just unwind on the gleaming white sand while taking in the spectacular view of the deep blue water. You can take advantage of the free 90-day visa-free stay in the Maldives.

Madagascar Island: If you are an Island Lover then Madagascar is probably the best place to travel. It is a fantastic vacation spot because of its magnificent scenery and diverse food. This place is famous for its profusion of flora and fauna, this African nation is unquestionably a nature lover's paradise. It is easier for Indian nationals to travel to this island country because they are permitted to stay there for 30 days without paying for a visa.

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