PGI got success in safety trial of corona vaccine
PGI got success in safety trial of corona vaccine

Chandigarh: PGI Chandigarh has got a big success with the alternative medicine of Coronavirus. PGI Chandigarh has claimed that the safety trial started as an alternative medicine for Corona has yielded positive results. PGI has tried the drug Mycovacterium W (MW) vaccine given in the treatment of leprosy on 6 patients, whose positive effects have been seen.

The hospital claims that the patients who needed oxygen during the treatment of corona, improved a lot by injecting 0.3 ml of the MW vaccine. The hospital says that doctors used this medicine on these patients for three consecutive days and it was found that the use of the vaccine on the patient is absolutely safe and positive. Please tell that this drug was also used on patients of leprosy, tuberculosis and pneumonia earlier and the use of the drug was found safe in them as well. Now the drug has also been found effective on the patients of Corona.

Let us tell you that only last week PGI Chandigarh was selected by the Central Government for clinical trial of Corona Virus Vaccine. The Council of Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) had allowed a clinical trial of the vaccine Mycovacterium W (MW) on coronavirus used in leprosy.

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