Indian Climber Banshi Lal Dies After Mount Everest Rescue
Indian Climber Banshi Lal Dies After Mount Everest Rescue

An Indian climber rescued from Mount Everest has tragically passed away in a local hospital, Nepali authorities confirmed on Tuesday. Banshi Lal, aged 46, was rescued last week during his attempt to reach the summit of the world's tallest peak. Despite efforts by doctors, he succumbed to his condition. "He died at the hospital yesterday," said Rakesh Gurung from the tourism department, according to AFP.

This marks the 8th fatality recorded this season, a decrease from previous years as the Everest mountaineering season comes to a close. Last year, which was the deadliest on record for the mountain, saw 18 fatalities in 2023.

This year's casualties include a British climber and two Nepali guides who are missing after a severe fall, presumed to have died. All fatalities on Mount Everest occurred above 8,000 meters, where thin air and low oxygen levels increase the risk of altitude sickness.

Mountaineering tragedies were not confined to Everest alone; three more climbers lost their lives on other Nepali peaks. A Romanian climber died while summiting Lhotse, while a French and a Nepali climber perished on Makalu, the world's fifth-highest mountain. Nepal issued 900 mountain permits this year, including 419 for Mount Everest.

Record-breaking achievements were also noted this season, including Nepali climber Phunjo Lamam setting the record for the fastest female ascent of Mount Everest, reaching the summit in just 14 hours and 31 minutes. Typically, climbers spend several days ascending the 8,849-meter peak, stopping at various camps for rest and acclimatization.

Moreover, 54-year-old Nepali climber Kami Rita Sherpa, known as the "Everest Man," made his historic 30th ascent of Everest, marking three decades since his initial summit.

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