Coronavirus: 80 Indians still stranded in China, government reveals reason
Coronavirus: 80 Indians still stranded in China, government reveals reason

Beijing: India's Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar has said that about 80 Indian students are still in China amid the devastation caused by the deadly coronavirus, of which 70 are staying at their own free will. They told that we are in constant contact with them. Two people from the embassy took a risk and went to China. We not only saved our own lives but also those of our neighbors. We made this offer to all the neighbors, but only Maldives accepted it.

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The task of bringing back the trapped Indians in Wuhan city of China, the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic, has been completed. About 650 people have been brought to India in two phases. On Sunday, 323 Indians from the Maldives were brought to New Delhi along with 323 Indians from China on an Indian aircraft. Earlier on Saturday, 324 Indians were brought to India by Air India Boeing 747 aircraft. So far more than 700 people have been killed in China by this virus, while 31 thousand 161 people have been infected.

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In the Upper House, the Foreign Minister said that most of the Indian students who were trapped in the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, most of them have been brought back to India. Along with this, the Foreign Minister also said that no information has been received so far of any Indian student getting infected with the coronavirus. Indian students who have returned home are being closely investigated and they have been kept under surveillance. All investigations have been found to be negative.

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