This video of India's Makeshifter people will shake your mind
This video of India's Makeshifter people will shake your mind

Indians are famous all over the world for their Makeshift. If you see the highest number of Makeshift, it will be available only in India and only in India. People here have different kinds of Makeshift that sometimes make the heart happy and sometimes angry. A video is currently going viral. This is a Makeshifter video that is making a splash on the internet.


We are sure that watching this video will make you also obsessed with the Makeshifter technology of Indians. However, the video is currently going viral on social media. In this video, some farmers are loading grain bags from the fields on trolleys. Now, if you look at it carefully, you will know that these farmers have adopted such a Makeshifter that they did their job easily without getting too tired. The farmers in the G Darsal video have installed a lifter to offer bags in the trolley with the help of which heavy bags are being loaded into the trolley.

You can see that this lifter uses a special technique to keep bags, which can be called Makeshift. In this video, the bags placed below are mounted in the trolley with the help of a lifter, and then the farmers standing in the trolley easily move the bags from the lifter. However, the same Makeshiftis now in the news, and everyone has been praised for this Makeshift. However, the video was shared by Charan Singh Saroay. Now the video is currently making rapid waves in the internet world and many people have responded to it.

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