Police open fire on man, will be stunned to see video

Today is the era of social media and nothing can be said when it happens on social media. That is why a video posted in the internet world is making headlines at a rapid pace. In the viral video, a UP police officer is claimed to have first shot a youth and then his friend in the chest. The video went viral so fast that people started believing it to be true. But wait, if you also watch this video, know the full truth.

The Uttar Pradesh police opened a poll of claims by social media users in a tweet. Additional Superintendent of Police, Anti Terrorism Squad in UP Rahul Srivastava shared the video on his Twitter account and said that the video is creating confusion and questions. He further said that after fact check, it has been found that the video is part of a web series shot outside a café in Karnal, Haryana. In fact, this video has been misused.

The manager of Karnal-based "Friends Cafe" has also confirmed the same. The viral video shows a heated argument between a man and a policeman after which he pushes him. But after a while the policeman takes out his gun and hits the man in the chest. Then the friend of the same standing boy starts crying and sits next to him. Then, the police officer seen in the video shoots him too.

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