This creature has got the boon of immortality, existed on the earth since Mesozoic Era

On this earth, you will find many kinds of creatures that you will be seeing for the first time. By the way, we all know that death is a truth that should never be disturbed, but there is also a creature who has got the boon of immortality. If the scientists agree with what has been said, then nature has given a 'boon of immortality' to an organism. Now you must be thinking which is such a creature. So let us tell you that this creature is called Jellyfish.

It is famous worldwide due to its peculiar quality. This organism is found in the depths of the sea but is sometimes seen on the upper surface. It is said that jellyfish are an organism whose existence is centuries old. These creatures have been present on the earth since the days of dinosaurs and its body is made up of 95 percent water. This is why it appears transparent to other sea animals.

It is also said that jellyfish do not have brains, that is why there is always a herd of small fish around them because they feel safe around it. By the way, jellyfish are very beautiful in appearance but if their mustache touches the skin of a human, then a person can have a very serious disease. It is said that the mustache of this creature is so poisonous that it causes great harm to human skin.

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