Indian Navy Chief Inaugurates Nibe Defence and Aerospace Mfg Plant in Pune
Indian Navy Chief Inaugurates Nibe Defence and Aerospace Mfg Plant in Pune

PUNE: Chief of Naval Staff R Hari Kumar recently inaugurated the new manufacturing plant of Nibe Defence and Aerospace Limited in Pune, Maharashtra. This event underscored the Indian Navy's role in fostering self-reliance in the defense sector, particularly in indigenous defense equipment production.

Nibe Defence and Aerospace Limited is a notable medium and small enterprise in the defense sector, actively engaged in various critical projects such as developing canisters for vertical missile launchers, road-mobile launchers for missile systems, and launchers for the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher systems.

During the inauguration, Admiral R Hari Kumar commended the rapid progress achieved by Nibe Defence and Aerospace Limited, highlighting the essential role of advanced equipment and machinery in enhancing the country's defense production self-reliance.

"This is a fully automated facility and it will make a substantial difference in the ability to make weapon-grade equipment for ships, airframes, weapon systems on board ships or submarines, torpedo tubes, and anything that requires very high precision," Admiral Hari Kumar stated.

The newly inaugurated manufacturing plant boasts state-of-the-art technology and full automation, significantly enhancing the production capacity of weapon-grade equipment for various defense applications.

Admiral Kumar reiterated the Indian Navy's commitment to achieving self-reliance in defense production by 2047, stressing the importance of collaboration with the industry to achieve this goal.

Additionally, he announced upcoming major naval operations involving the fleets of both aircraft carriers, INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant, off the West coast within the next ten days, demonstrating the navy's capabilities and preparedness.

The 2024 edition of the Indian Navy's Multilateral Naval Exercise (MILAN) is scheduled to be hosted in Visakhapatnam from February 19 to 27, showcasing various exercises including seamanship drills, tactical maneuvers, and simulations of complex operational scenarios.

The inauguration of the Nibe Defence and Aerospace manufacturing plant signifies a significant milestone in India's defense production indigenization efforts. The Indian Navy's commitment to self-reliance and collaboration with the industry are crucial steps in strengthening the country's defense capabilities.

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