Indian Pacer Exposes MS Dhoni's Aggressive Side on the Field
Indian Pacer Exposes MS Dhoni's Aggressive Side on the Field

New Delhi: Ishant Sharma, an Indian fast bowler who played for MS Dhoni's team, has made an unexpected admission about the former captain's conduct on the field. Sharma claimed that, contrary to popular opinion, Dhoni was regularly aggressive in his vocabulary during matches and wasn't as composed as he appeared to be.

During his playing career, MS Dhoni was a renowned captain and a gifted wicketkeeper-batsman who was known for his cool attitude. On the field, he hardly ever shown symptoms of rage or dissatisfaction. Dhoni, who has had a 15-year career of achievement, was essential in helping Team India win. The fact that he has won all three ICC white-ball trophies makes him unique among captains.

Ishant Sharma recently revealed his opinions after playing more than 150 games for Dhoni and sharing a dressing room with him.

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Ishant said that the 2011 World Cup champion skipper would routinely use obscene language on the field, despite Dhoni's reputation as a cool and collected person. The perception of Dhoni's temperament is expanded by Sharma's revelations.

In an interview with a YouTube channel, Ishant Sharma expressed, “Mahi bhai has many strengths. But calm and cool isn’t one of them. He often uses abusive language on the field, and I’ve heard it firsthand. Whether it’s during the IPL or with the Indian team, people are always around him. You’ll find someone or the other sitting with Mahi bhai. It’s like the feeling of being in a village, just missing the trees.”

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Sharma continued, sharing an incident during a Test match, “After I finished bowling, Mahi bhai asked me, ‘Are you tired?’ I replied, ‘Yes, a lot.’ Then he said, ‘Son, you’re getting old, quit.’ I’ve never seen Mahi bhai angry, except when he threw the ball, and it went down. When he threw it the first time, I saw that look. The second throw was even stronger, and the ball went down. The third throw, he said, ‘Hit it in the hand.’ He said it with an expletive.”

Ishant Sharma last played for the Indian squad in November 2021 during a Test series against New Zealand. He has a remarkable record of 105 Test matches, 80 ODIs, and 14 T20Is, during which he has collected 311 wickets, 115 wickets, and 8 wickets, respectively. His experiences playing alongside Dhoni provide him a unique perspective on the former captain's character and conduct while playing.

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