Railways increased fare of old trains by 3 times in Kumbh Specials

Jan 20 2021 04:55 PM
Railways increased fare of old trains by 3 times in Kumbh Specials

Dehradun: The railways have started preparing to loosen the pockets of passengers by putting zero ahead of the numbers of old trains ahead of the Kumbh Mela at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. In front of the old numbers of 18 trains, the trains running in routine are being made Kumbh special trains, while the trains are already providing services.

Before the Kumbh Mela, Indian Railways has operated 18 trains from Haridwar to Moradabad from Haridwar by naming Kumbh specials. The trains in which the fare was normal during the crisis of corona epidemic. The fare of those trains has been increased by three times suddenly. The railways have given the name of Kumbh specials only by zero ahead of the old numbers of these trains.

The fare of Kumbh specials has also increased by three times.  To travel in the sleeper of the Worship Express from Haridwar to Moradabad, the first 170 was to be paid. Now, for this facility, you have to spend Rs. 415. With this, the fares of AC first and AC seconds have also been enhanced. Passengers going to Moradabad are traveling by bus to increase fares in trains. It takes three hours to go to Moradabad by bus. While the train also takes three to four hours.

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