Indian Students Deported from US, Canada Raise Concerns; Fraudulent Admissions at Core
Indian Students Deported from US, Canada Raise Concerns; Fraudulent Admissions at Core

Several Indian students faced deportation from both the United States and Canada this academic year. A staggering count of about 30 Indian students were expelled from the US, raising concerns among authorities. The issue extended beyond the US, affecting Indian nationals in Canada, particularly students, who also encountered deportation.

The expulsion incidents coincide with a significant surge in the number of Indian students pursuing postgraduate studies in the US. According to the latest Open Doors report, their count escalated by 63 percent, totaling 1.65 lakh students.

V Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs, addressed the Lok Sabha, reiterating the government's consistent expression of concern to US authorities. He emphasized the necessity of ensuring fairness for Indian students possessing valid visas.

One of the key reasons behind these deportations, as highlighted by Muraleedharan, was the involvement of fraudulent admission letters to Canadian academic institutions. He attributed this issue to unscrupulous agents in India who use fake documentation to send students abroad. To combat this, the ministry is actively collaborating with the Government of Punjab to identify and prosecute these agents.

Muraleedharan emphasized the proactive steps taken by the government, engaging with Canadian authorities to ensure compliance with local laws for affected students. He urged a fair and humanitarian approach, emphasizing that the students were not at fault. Consequently, some affected Indian nationals managed to receive stay orders on their deportation notices or temporary resident visas.

Diplomatic engagements between India and Canada yielded positive outcomes, with several Indian nationals obtaining stay orders or temporary resident visas. These successes were attributed to the diplomatic channels and ongoing engagements between the two nations.

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