Keep these things in mind while buying a smartphone

May 31 2020 07:48 PM
Keep these things in mind while buying a smartphone

We know very well how important smartphones are to us. Smartphone has proved to be no less than a friend and relative for us during the lockdown released for the last two months. In this period of digitalization, we can do everything from shopping to learning, entertainment to working through smartphones. Indian budget smartphone brand itel along with international third party company conducted a Trend survey in which it has been found out that Indian users take special care before buying any budget smartphone. According to this survey conducted by TRANSSION India, most users prefer the AI camera, fingerprint sensor and Drop Notch feature in budget smartphones. Make a choice. At the same time, 25 percent of users prefer the drop-notch feature, while 22 percent of users prefer to buy any smartphone only after it has the fingerprint sensor feature.

According to the survey report, 64 percent of Indian users prefer to access content in the local language when it comes to content. At the same time, according to this study, 50 percent of smartphone users like to watch movies on their phones, while 24 percent of the users like to follow the news. 88 percent of users under 24 years of age prefer watching movies or webseries on smartphones. There are currently 450 million or 45 million smartphone users in India. The price of these smartphones depends on the latest technology used in it. 56 percent of users use social media platforms to find out about the news. At the same time, 20 percent users post social media to post selfies. While 14 percent users post about travel and 10 percent users post about food. TRANSSION India sampled 4,000 people who work in different age groups, regions and departments for this survey.

In budget smartphones, users like to see 33 percent camera, 25 percent drop-notch display and 22 percent fingerprint sensor feature. Of these, the AI camera feature demand has been preferred by the age group of 19 to 25 years. At the same time, users in the age group of 19 to 35 years prefer the Drop Notch features in the smartphone. Not only this, people of this age demand fingerprint in smartphones. According to the survey, 43 percent women prefer to use WhatsApp and 27 percent Facebook. At the same time, 34 percent men prefer to use Facebook and 31 percent WhatsApp. In the age group below 24 years, 34 percent users prefer to use Facebook and 31 percent users WhatsApp. Whereas, 33 percent users use WhatsApp and Facebook as the main social media platforms. Most users use Youtube, Voot and Hotstar primarily as entertainment apps.

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