India will get free corona vaccine soon, government will buy 68 crore doses
India will get free corona vaccine soon, government will buy 68 crore doses

London: The UK's Oxford University gave hopes to whole world with the COVID-19 vaccine. Out of all the vaccines that are currently underway in the world, the Oxford vaccine is considered important. The Serum Institute has already been approved for the production of this vaccine in India. Now the news has come that the Government of India is going to purchase the vaccine from the Serum Institute and it is going to be given free to the people. The Serum Institute is said to be the world's largest vaccine-producing organization. The Serum Institute is engaged in producing not only the Corona vaccine of Oxford but also several other vaccine candidates. The Covid-19 vaccine at Oxford University is going to be produced in India under the name Covishield.

According to reports, the Indian government has indicated that it is going to buy the vaccine directly from the Serum Institute. The government is making such a scheme through which this vaccine will be given free of cost to the people. The government is demanding 68 crore doses from Serum Institute by June next year. The government has already approved the completion of the trial of this vaccine. If the vaccine is declared successful, the vaccine will be provided free of cost to the people under the National Immunization Program. According to the information received, the company has the right to produce Oxford's covid-19 vaccine. Serum Institute as well as the Estrejnka Company have claimed and contracted this matter. Under this agreement, Serum Institute can supply vaccines not only in India but in 92 countries. Serum Institute is located in Pune. The campus of the institute is spread over 150 acres. Here hundreds of employees are busy in producing vaccines at a rapid pace. At the same time, under the current plan, the vaccine will be launched in the market in the next 72 days.

The first dose of Phase-3 trial of Covishield vaccine is to be released in India on Saturday. The second dose will be given after 29 days. The last data of the trial will be revealed after 15 days of the second dose. The trial of this vaccine is being done in the UK as well, it is expected that soon the trial data from Britain will also be revealed to the world. At the same time, the Serum Institute is to be given a $ 150 million fund from the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation and the Gov Vaccines Alliance to produce the vaccine for covid-19. This fund has been given to supply vaccine to other developing countries including India. Under the planning of the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, the price per dose of Astrazenka and Novavax vaccine will be Rs 224. Corona vaccine is being made available for 92 countries.

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