Indigo Airlines to lay off 10 percent employees

New Delhi: The sword is hanging on the jobs of about 10 percent employees in the country's leading airline company IndiGo. IndiGo CEO Ranjoy Dutta has said that the company will have to lay off 10 percent of its employees. He said this while citing the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The number of employees of Indigo was 23,531 as on 31 March 2019.

According to the PTI report, Ranjoy Dutta has said in a statement that, "In the current situation, it has become impossible for our company to overcome this economic crisis without sacrificing anything. After focusing on every possible measure, it has become clear that we will need to take a painful decision to reduce our workforce by 10 percent. Such a sad decision is being taken for the first time in the history of Indigo."

Dutta said that employees affected by this would be given a salary for their 'notice period'. This will be paid on the basis of their total salary. The statement said that in addition to the payment of the notice period, the employees who were removed from the company will also be paid for leaving the company.

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