Indigo plane made emergency landing in Karachi, flight was going to Hyd
Indigo plane made emergency landing in Karachi, flight was going to Hyd

An IndiGo aircraft has made an emergency landing in Karachi, Pakistan. In fact, it is being told that the flight was going from Sharjah to Hyderabad. At the same time, according to the preliminary information, the landing of the flight has been done due to a technical snag. It is being told that after the information of the technical snag, the crew members decided to make an emergency landing of the aircraft. According to the information received there, the passengers will be brought to Hyderabad by another plane. Let us also tell everyone that this is the second emergency landing of an Indian aircraft in Karachi in two weeks. In fact, indigo airlines have said that the pilot of the Sharjah-Hyderabad flight came to know about the technical snag in the aircraft.

After this, the plane was diverted towards Karachi as a precautionary measure. However, an additional flight has been arranged to Karachi to bring the passengers to Hyderabad. Let us also tell you all that on July 5 also, an emergency landing was made in Karachi after a SpiceJet flight malfunctioned. At the same time, this SpiceJet plane was going from Delhi to Dubai and after the malfunction, the flight had to land in Karachi, Pakistan. In fact, the passengers were taken to Dubai by the second flight of SpiceJet.

The DGCA's statement on this whole matter also came. In fact, it was reported that the crew of the SpiceJet aircraft noticed that the indicator of the fuel tank was showing the amount of fuel decreasing rapidly. After this, nothing went wrong in the checking, there was no leak from anywhere in the tank, but the indicator was still showing less fuel. So the plane landed in Karachi. Let us also tell all of you that three days ago also an emergency landing of the IndiGo aircraft was made in Jaipur. At the same time, this emergency landing was done after the vibration in the engine.

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