A man and his brother-in-law rape girl after taking dirty pictures

May 01 2021 10:38 AM
A man and his brother-in-law rape girl after taking dirty pictures

Bhopal: On the other hand, cases of crime are also on the rise. The recent case has come to light from Sheopur. A 24-year-old student who came to Indore to study B.Tech has been raped here. Police have registered a case against Adil's son Hakim Khan of Sawai Madhavpur (Rajasthan) and Sheopur resident Manzoor Ali last Friday. Talking about the entire case, Bhanwarkuan police said, "She lives in a rented house on Bholaram Ustad Marg. The accused Adil cheated on the marriage and raped her during which he took out obscene photos. The accused demanded 50,000 rupees. He threatened to make the photo viral if she did not pay the money.''

As part of further information, one day after that the accused along with his brother-in-law went to Indore by car. Here he met the victim and took her to three Tamarind Crematoriums. Here he first raped the victim and then threatened to make the photo viral and asked her to have a forced relationship with her brother-in-law. The girl has now complained to the police about the case. The girl is said to have told the police that "the accused's sister is a friend, which is why the accused became friends. The first thing that went on the phone. The accused then came to her room on May 10, 2018, and raped her under the pretext of marriage. It was then that she took out obscene photos on his phone. He then threatened to make the photo viral several times and demanded money.''

The girl further said that she gave Rs 30,000 to the accused out of fear but even then he refused and continued to take advantage of the blackmail. Not only that, but he also forced brother-in-law Manzoor to have a relationship with the victim. Finally, the young woman was upset and told her father the whole thing and lodged a case with the police station. Now the police are investigating.

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