Indore Leads Green Revolution with Electric Buses on BRTS Corridor
Indore Leads Green Revolution with Electric Buses on BRTS Corridor

Indore's BRTS Corridor Going Green with Electric Buses: Indore is set to lead the way in eco-friendly public transportation with its Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) corridor undergoing a revolutionary transformation. The city's municipal commissioner, Harshika Singh, announced on Thursday that the entire 11.45 km stretch of the BRTS corridor will soon exclusively host electric buses, marking a significant shift towards sustainability.

"This initiative will establish the BRTS corridor as the first-of-its-kind green transport route in the country," stated Singh, emphasizing the city's commitment to environmental conservation. While the exact timeline for this transition was not disclosed, Singh affirmed that the necessary policy decisions have been made to facilitate the change.

Indore Municipal Corporation has already taken the first steps by procuring ten electric buses, with plans to acquire an additional 40 in the near future. Currently, the BRTS route accommodates 49 diesel-run buses daily, serving approximately 50,000 passengers between the Niranjanpur intersection and Rajiv Gandhi square.

This ambitious shift towards an all-electric bus fleet underscores Indore's dedication to reducing carbon emissions and embracing sustainable urban development practices. As the city takes strides towards a greener future, residents can anticipate cleaner air and a healthier environment for generations to come.

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