Inflation in Pakistan Highest in over 13 years

ISLAMABAD: According to Consumer Price Index (CPI) statistics compiled and released by the by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the cost of a hundred basic goods, including flour, fuel, housing, and health care, has increased by 21.3 percent for Pakistanis in a single year. 

CPI shows that June 2022 proved the most expensive month in the past 13 years. Inflation in June increased by 6.32 percent from the prior month and by 21.32 percent as compared to June 2021. (month-on-month increase).

The last time the CPI underwent such a dramatic change was in December 2008, when year-over-year inflation was 23.3%. It was reported that the cost of transport hiked by 62% and the cost of food and beverages increased by 25.92% for the items under 10 of 12 categories.

The cost of "Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas, and Fuels" items has risen by 13.48 percent. The price of furniture and household goods has increased by 18.76% since June 2021. While the cost of apparel and footwear increased by 13.72 percent, the cost of health care increased by 11.30 percent.

Costs for communication and education both increased by a moderate 1.96 percent and 9.49 percent, respectively. The only two groupings with inflation in single digits are these two.

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