Inspirational Life Story of Ravi Rajapaksa

The world is changing as fast as we could ever imagine or predict. Despite the fact how big the world is, we must consider how close we are living in the world. Technology binds us together and brings up closer than ever. As communication is one of the vital necessities in human life, technology has been able to wipe out all the barriers in communication through uprising media platforms. Social media platforms are one of the emerging trends in the communication world. A new opportunity for businesses emerged with social media uprising. Currently, many people are making use of these social media platforms to keep in touch with the dynamic world matters and to showcase their skills and talents.  Further, these trending social media platforms play a major role in business promotion activities. Among them, the Instagram platform is the best opportunity out of all other social media platforms if you are dreaming to turn your name into a brand while growing your businesses to its peak.

Since young people are always in a thirst for experimenting with new things, Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, is an ideal place to showcase their skills and talents. Ravi Rajapaksha is one such outstanding young blood who has the talent to imagine the wide picture of these social media platforms behind the screen and try to showcase his passion which can be converted into an income source. Ravi Rajapaksha is reputed as an entrepreneur, marketer, writer, PR expert and CEO of Nextenco who can stand and sustain well in the business world. Ravi Rajapaksha also known as Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha and was born on 27th august 1996 in Matale, Sri Lanka.

The Role in Instagram

Ravi Rajapaksha has built up a network of more than millions of Instagram followers and has comprehensive background knowledge in social media management. He always tried to bring something new in his content and he has been talented enough to earn a good social media reputation for his creations and became an icon through Instagram. He polished up his digital marketing abilities to win followers. It is evident in Instagram that Ravi has over 50,000 Instagram followers and is aiding verified Instagram influencers to increasing their followings. Jonathan Armour -an American actor, Open Gate Studios- an American film production company, Ana Tortosa, a British photographer, Elizabeth Ashley -an American fitness model, and several others are some popular personalities among his clients. Therefore, Ravi Rajapaksha is renowned as a successful digital brand-builder for different personalities and companies by several media houses.

 It was a milestone in his life where his newly uploaded Instagram filters were gone viral all over the world by reaching more than three million users within a short period. Since then, he has identified Instagram as the most important social media platform that he can grow with time. Ravi is renowned for using social advertising, media, influencers, and other strategies to create digital identities for high-profile. Recently Ravi was recognized as an Instagram travel influencer. He decided to go into business for himself in the Instagram digital marketing room. Furthermore, he invented a range of top-secret tactics to help clients to rank higher in Instagram search results and engage with their target audiences.

As a Productive Brand-Builder and Marketer

Ravi Rajapaksha also works with different individuals and companies as a productive brand-builder and marketer to build brands and get featured on social media. As an Instagram influencer, Rajapaksha wanted to make interest his followers in the travel and tourism industry. Sri Lankan balloons (Pvt) Ltd, a fully licensed and approved Hot Air Balloon Rides operator is one of the good examples where he was successful in promotions.

As an Entrepreneur

Ravi’s immeasurable experiences with entrepreneurs helped him to understand the nature of businesses all over the world. He has noticed that more businesses are blooming up in different fields all over the world. Although many of these entrepreneurs begin full of hope and courage, they may lose their passion along the way and begin to bankrupt. Furthermore, many personalities with well-established businesses and great records holders are not in a proper plan to direct the business. The best thing is to hire a versatile to the business that can guide you to the path of success or otherwise figuring out a way to guide all the stuff by himself. He figured out that the first choice is always better because it can make a huge difference to the business when an external party can examine your business from another point of view. With all these ideas, he discovered “Nextenco” which is a social media management and marketing agency. He worked with all the effort to accelerate his business to new heights. Furthermore, Rajapaksha’s marketing agency offers search engine services, social media services, Instagram marketing services, website design services for the businesses on your behalf to grow the businesses and reach your goals with maximum outcomes. He also strongly believes that Nextenco is an opportunity to search the community's view towards your brand or business. Clients nowadays do not wish to cooperate, work, and spend money for you just because you have a reputed title or a self-motivated internet professional. What they value is your skills.

While his business is growing to high levels, he thought to facilitate small businesses to gain profits on Instagram and build brands. He has founded many organizations including the “Sri Lanka elephant safari” which is a famous safari tour company in Sri Lanka and became a specialist in the tourism sector.

The Role as a Public Relations Expert

Ravi strongly believes in his talents and creativity. He also started a PR agency where they help businesses to grow internationally by getting them published on on Forbes, Yahoo, Bloomberg, GQ, Vogue, FOX, IBT, CBS, NBC, and many more international premium news medias and magazines in less than 24 hours. He always thinks unconventionally to generate ideas that can earn the attention of people all over the world. Hence, he drove his business into a new dimension with the idea of growing relationships with other marketing agencies that play well in Instagram marketing. With the reputation as an Instagram influencer and a PR expert, he could be able to boost his business by joining hands with other agencies who are reselling. What Rajapaksha highly believes is “When you perform confidently and accurately in the task, the work will reach into a level that your competitors will awake and notice, then they will join hands with you unless they cannot beat you”. With all these achievements Ravi and his marketing agency, NEXTENCO could be able to an agency with rich organic traffic and Instagram followers. The energetic and unique colour in Ravi's contents has been able to attract various international clients and work as the Instagram manager of Open gates studios which is a well-reputed film production company in the USA.

The Role as an Author

Ravi’s engagement as an author gave birth to a new compilation named “How to gain Profits on Instagram for Small Business". It is a self-guidebook that has included all the details on how to conduct a small-scale business in Instagram by yourself and how to create attractive content for Instagram.  Ravi has stated that he will support Instagram micro-influencers to increase Instagram marketing and profiting.

Contribution to the CSR Activities

Apart from the business activities, Ravi has a plan to extend his corporate social responsibility activities by starting an organization like “ocean cleanups to protect the environment”.

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