Inspired by butterflies, this Porsche 917 looks amazing, Take a look

Porsche is a German luxury high-performance automobile manufacturer with a racing history. The Volkswagen Group's automobile brand has produced a series of iconic and stunning vehicles that have established racing records. The Porsche 917 is widely regarded as one of the automaker's most famous racing vehicles. Porsche won their first 24 Hours of Le Mans title with the 917.

Butterflies inspired the design of the Porsche 917. Heidi Mraz, an automotive artist, has produced artwork on the Porsche 917 that depicts the storey.

For the engineers working on the Porsche 917, it was a difficult task to accomplish. The Porsche 917's aerodynamic efficiency was inspired by the evolution and flight pattern of butterflies. Mraz refers to this as arthropod aerodynamics. To tell the narrative, the automotive artist used about 1000 paper butterflies to make artwork of the Porsche 917. A 4x6 foot canvas and a multi-layer composition make up the artwork. The Porsche 917K with chassis number 917-022 is depicted in the artwork. To create the shape of the famous automobile, the paper components were hand-cut, arranged, and pinned.

This was the Porsche 917 that appeared in Steve McQueen's 1971 film "Le Mans." The automobile was painted in Gulf colours, which were synonymous with the German automaker at the time. The Porsche 917 artwork, which was created using paper insects, follows the same colour scheme. It complements the Gulf car's racing livery of blue and orange.

A similar link between metamorphosis involved in the growth of butterflies and the origins of 917, according to Mraz. She depicts the evolution of the Porsche 917 as the transformation of an unstable beast into an immortal race vehicle.

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