Sawan 2020: These interesting things related to Lord Shiva teaches to live a happy life

A week passed by in the month of Shravan and two 'Shravan somwar' have passed so far. The Sawan of this time is of 5 Mondays. The holy month of Sawan is completely dedicated to Lord Shiva. So let's know about some interesting information related to Lord Shiva.

- Holy River Ganges resides on Lord Shiva's Bun ("The Jhatta"). This indicates'unity is power'. Shiva tied their hair, initiates the flow of holy Ganges on earth.

- Lord Shiva is also known as 'Neelkanth'. He sends an anthem of 'Anger Control' by drinking poison as well a message on 'patience is key to success' was delivered when he created this world while drinking poison.

- A snake named Vasuki resides in the neck of Adinath and they ride Nandi. All the animals and birds are devoted to Lord Shiva, this shows that he is lover of mother nature.

- Shiva is three-eyed, his third eye, situated on the forehead between the two eyes, suggests that we should not only believe to our external eyes to deal with external conditions but we should hear voices within and also work peacefully.

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