International Yoga Day 2018 : 3 yoga poses to get good sleep
International Yoga Day 2018 : 3 yoga poses to get good sleep

People are so stressed these days that they hardly get time to sleep. They start facing sleeping disorders. The people have severe issues while sleeping, therefore, it is important to get enough sleep and get a healthy lifestyle. According to special reports, a normal person should sleep at least 7 to 9 hours per day. 
If you find it hard to sleep at night and have stress circles on your face. Here are some poses that will help you get better sleep at night. 


1. Uttanasana 

The stretching pose is to give up all the stress and to reduce the hyperness. Doing this yoga will only give you the feeling of calmness and keep you away from insomnia. 
Raise your hands while you stand straight, then gently move down and try to touch the ground with your palm. 
Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then come back to the original position. 


2. Virasana 

The aasan basically helps you improve your balancing skills and gets you a meditative pose. This is for the spirit to calm down. 
 Kneel down on the floor, while folding the legs. Let your hand rest on your thighs or you can also fold them in front of your chest. The gap between your feet automatically widens.
Feel the pressure on the knees and still try to maintain balance .try the pose for 30 seconds and come back to the relaxed position. 


3. Tadasana 
This is the basic aasan. The best posture, that is considered the mother of all the other poses. 
Stand straight with your legs apart. Put your hands down and then pick your upper body. While inhaling, you will feel the breath travelling through your toes. This helps in increasing your mental awareness. 


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