International Yoga Day 2018 : Power yoga guide
International Yoga Day 2018 : Power yoga guide

Power yoga is different from yoga. The best combination available for mental, physical, and spiritual benefits.

The continuous action will make you sweat and bring more energy to you while the strength and flexibility are built performing the poses.
Power yoga is a great way to enhance personal endurance and very effective when it comes to weight loss. Yoga can benefit a person’s health in various ways and weight loss is one amongst them. 
The difference between power yoga and yoga is just that it is fast, intense and full of action. It will increase your stamina if you’re a regular performer.

power yoga emphasizes more on gaining physical prowess. It is just a way to workout. It depends on what outcome you want from your exercise time. If you want to build strength from just a little workout then power yoga is the right choice for you. 
Here are the things that you should definitely keep in mind before trying power yoga :
1.Choosing the right time of the day
When you wake up in the morning you feel more spiritual rather than energised. Finding the perfect time that adds up to your mood is all that you want. Even if you practise less, you’ll set a routine for yourself.

2. Learning to breathe right

Most of the yoga is made of breathing and poses. Breathing correctly does half of your work. This will increase your stamina but only try poses after recognising your potential. 

3. Choose your goals and your yoga style

Once you've identified what you really want from your workout,  See if you’ll be able to practise on your own or you’ll need some guidance. Join a class if you want or buy DVD that is available on various sites, that are basically power yoga guides. 

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