Websites like Redit and CNN also shut down worldwide, know why
Websites like Redit and CNN also shut down worldwide, know why

Many of the world's largest websites are reported to have crashed. The websites that have crashed in the list currently include Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Stack Overflow, GitHub, gov. Countless famous websites including uk and news outlets The Guardian, New York Times, BBC, Financial Times are currently facing an outage. This type of outage is generally seen because of an important internet infrastructure service provider.


It also includes the websites of popular media companies New York Times and the UK Government. These websites are not loading and users are constantly seeing errors. Media website Independents are also affected by the issue. It is said that the problem is due to cloud computing company Fastly which serves these websites. Error code 503 is showing when the portal is opened.

Content delivery network Means (CDN) is an important part of internet infrastructure. These companies run global networks of servers to improve the performance and availability of web services. This has also been confirmed by a Financial Times worker. Tech Crunch quoted a Financial Times employee as saying that the problems were caused by CDN (content delivery network) provider Fastly. CDNs act as proxy servers and Cache some data as much as possible to the last users. For example, media content is often Cached on a CDN server near you so that a user does not need to bring a web page to the original server whenever it loads.

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