Akshay enjoyed a lot with Bear Grylls, revealed shocking things during journey

Akshay Kumar, who won the heart of bollywood with his best performance, attended the show Man Vs Wild of Bear Grylls. In addition, he also talked about his family, career and life. Akshay Kumar jumped off a truck at the beginning of the adventure with Bear Grylls. After that, the two had to go to the river, for which Akshay found a way to mount the tree. Bear Grylls taught Akshay Kumar to make his own herness with rope, then teach how to climb any height with the help of a rope in military style. Akshay Kumar also climbed the tree and then approached the river.

In the meantime, the two crossed it with the help of rope because they were full of crocodiles, and even drinking tea made of elephant dung water, when Bear Grylls asked about Akshay's film career, why and how did he decide to become an actor? Akshay said, "I used to teach martial arts to children. Then the father of one of my students told me that you should try your hand at modeling. I went to a studio and there was a girl. We both pose together and took pictures. After all this, I was given a cheque of Rs 21,000 in the evening," he said.

In the meantime, Bear Grylls also showed him messages from Twinkle Khanna, Katrina Kaif and Sunil Shetty to encourage Akshay Kumar on the show. In fact, Twinkle had said, "If faced with dangers, she can blindly trust Akshay." In addition, Sunil Shetty congratulated Akshay and instructed him not to be a Khiladi himself and listen to Bear.

In addition, Akshay Kumar also said that he was enthsunding from Bear. In addition, Akshay talked about his adventure and said, "I enjoyed it. I avoided wild elephants, crossed the river full of crocodiles. Scared too, but I liked it all. I can do it every day because that's what I am. To tell the truth, I feel jealous of Bear because he does it every 6-8 weeks. I want a similar life."

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