Demand for this product increased in 21 days lockdown

Mar 30 2020 02:04 PM
Demand for this product increased in 21 days lockdown

Sanjeev Singh, chairman of the Indian state-owned Indian Oil Corp (IOC), has said that there is sufficient availability of Petrol, Diesel and Cooking Gas (LPG) in India. His statement is very important that the country is facing a 21-day lockdown and there has been a sudden increase in the demand for cooking gas. Singh said that all the plants and supply locations are operational.

Regarding this matter, Singh said that there is no shortage of fuel in the country and customers do not need to book LPG refill in Afra-Tafari. He told news agency PTI, "We have assessed the need for all types of fuel throughout April and even after that. Our refineries are working to meet the demand. Apart from this, all bulk storage points, LPG distributorships and petrol pumps are functioning normally.

In his statement further, Singh said that due to the lack of most cars and two-wheelers, the demand for petrol registered a decrease of 8 per cent in March, 16 per cent in the demand for diesel. With this, the demand for ATF has decreased by 20%. He said, 'An increase in consumption of LPG has been recorded and we are extending service to all customers. Since the lockdown, the demand for LPG refills has seen a surge of over 200 per cent. '' There is no need to book in panic. We have enough stock to meet the demand. ''

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