Iphone teared down; Lets have a look at its insights
Iphone teared down; Lets have a look at its insights

Apple’s new product Iphone7 and Iphone 7s got released a week ago, and teardown artists are ready with inside performance news, here are some interesting details:

The iPhone 7 teardown by Chipworks tells the A10 processor is being single sourced from TSMC. The 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM is supported by the A10 processor.

Ironically, the processor is manufactured by Samsung. The new IPhone7 gives a 1960mAh battery backup.

Significantly, “Barometric Vent” is being used in the place of the headphone jack by Apple. SK Hynix and Toshiba are the two manufactures as well as suppliers for the product’s storage section, both these companies have contributed separately.

The new Intel-built modem, RF transceiver and power management chips inside are supported in this new technology giant.

Chipwork’s report informs out that it has been impressive how architectural and design techniques have been used, and hence the device-level performance has boosted from 20nm planar to 16FF FinFET, and the nonexpected improvement in 16FFC, which continues to improve the speed and power reduction, despite the lack of gate-level scaling.

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