IPL 2022: Girlfriend says 'IPL or me', know what the boy did?
IPL 2022: Girlfriend says 'IPL or me', know what the boy did?

The craze for IPL 2022 is growing rapidly and amid all this, a picture from the IPL ground is going viral, which has been made in the discussion on social media. On the one hand, the competition of the playoffs between all the teams during the match has started increasing gradually, while the IPL fans are also reaching the field with creative posters in every match. In such a situation, the poster of one such fan is in the discussion these days. A unique poster was seen in the match played between Kolkata and Hyderabad in the past.

In such a situation, a good number of fans had reached the stadium for this match and one of them was such a fan, who caught the attention of the cameraman. Actually, this guy came with a poster. In such a situation, when this fan was captured in the camera, his pictures started going viral in social media. The poster brought by this fan had a very unique thing written in it. In fact, the poster that this fan had come to the ground with it read, "My girlfriend asked me to choose the IPL or her, and I chose the IPL and came to see the same.''

Now, after this picture surfaced on social media at this time, internet users are praising the person's love for cricket. Yes, and during this time some people have also said that a beautiful love has come to an end in the cricketing circle. At the same time, some people said that there is a fight over cricket in his house also when he sits on TV to watch the IPL. Now, this story is in discussion at the moment.

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