Iraq airstrikes: 60 Islamic State militants killed in Salahudin province

BAGHDAD: The Iraqi aircraft, in coordination with the Counter-Terrorism Service, conducted airstrikes on IS group hideouts in Himreen mountain range, leaving 60 IS militants killed, spokesman of the Iraqi military, said on Wednesday.

On March 24, Rasoul said that the security forces, backed by US-led coalition, launched the offensive on March 9 and continued for two weeks in the Makhmour mountain range in Nineveh province, destroying 120 IS positions and killing 27 terrorists.

According to Rasoul, March's offensive forced the Islamic State militants to flee to alternative hideouts in Himreen Mountain in Salahudin province.

The mountains and vast rugged areas north of Baghdad have witnessed intense activities of the terrorists during the past months, despite repeated military operations to hunt them down. The security situation in Iraq has been improving since security forces fully defeated the IS across the country late in 2017.

However, sporadic deadly incidents still occurred in the war-ravaged country as IS remnants have since melted into urban areas or deserts and rugged areas, waging frequent guerilla attacks against security forces and civilians.

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